In LE FUNAMBULE STRIPTEASE the complete nerd Ben Zuddhist proves to his public that he is indeed Super Benny, England's last living super hero.

The show is an award winning 40 minute street theatre / festival show involving original balance stunts, hilarious comedy, improvisation, circus skills, live music and audience participation. 15 men, one woman and a child help Zuddhist on his trip to a burning finale of near nakedness on a 16 mm rope 2.5 meters high above a small cow. Le Funambule Striptease is high energy entertainment  and has been enjoyed at more than 120 festivals worldwide since 1999.

Booking info:

Suitable for: all ages

Tech Requirements: Flat surface 12m (wide) X 6m (deep) minimum

Duration: 40 minutes

Artiste de rue / Cabaret / Magicien / Musicien

Versilli Bolokov is the ex-director of the Prekasjny Circus in Transistan. Having been ejected from his homeland for "gross absurdity" he now wanders the globe trying to convince himself and everyone else that he is still a big shot circus director.

Helping him along are the way are various stray (not real!) animals including Dubrovnich the acrobatic dog, Alberty the balancing cow, Brechnev the raccoon and the star of the show, Kevnich the flying donkey.

"Versilli and the Smallest Animal Circus in the World" is a varied, absurdist, uplifting show for all ages that combines comedy, magic, music, circus skills, and audience participation.

Booking info:
Suitable for: All ages
Tech Requirements: Flat surface 8m (wide) X 4m
Duration: 40 minutes 
Style: Magic/Circus/Comedy

Benny Formaggio the Sicilian Magician

From money laundering to making magic, from serving ice cream to conjuring card tricks, Benny Formaggio has left behind his life of crime as a Sicilian mafia boss to embrace the stage as a loved up magician - and world class showman. 

Missing only his Mamas cooking, Benny serves up a delicious recipe of magic classics using cards, money, cigarettes, cups - and olives!!

The Funambule Striptease

Versilli and the smallest animal circus in the world

Ben Zuddhist



Artist: Ben Zuddhist
Age: 5 - 100
Tech Requirements: Flat Surface 4m X 3m (minimum)
Duration: 35 minutes
Style: Street theatre / Cabaret theatre / Comedy / Magic